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LUXI Chemical annually produces 7.2 million tons chemicals with more than 120 varieties. The main products include coal chemicals: caprolactam, butanol, octanol, liquid ammonia, methanol, formic acid, melamine, methylamine, hydrogen peroxide; salt chemicals: caustic soda, benzyl chloride, benzyl alcohol, chlorinated paraffin, chloromethane, perchloroethylene, sodium formate, calcium chloride; fluorosilicone chemicals: methylene fluoride, pentafluoroethane, Teflon, FEP, HEP, DMC, D4, MH and M1.

LUXI Fertilizer annually produces 2.8 million tons fertilizers, including urea such as common urea, granular urea, stable urea, slow release potash urea and poly-amino acid urea, and compound fertilizer such as blend fertilizer, BB fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, release control fertilizer, soluble fertilizer, urea formaldehyde compound fertilizer, DAP and ammonium sulfate.

LUXI Equipment has a manufacturing capacity of over 150,000 tons per year, together with the correlative chemical engineering design and installment. Pressure vessels, reaction columns, heat exchangers, storage tanks, structured packing, transmitters, flow meters, flammable gas, alarm apparatus, content gauges, high & low voltage switch cabinets are the main products. Moreover, it is able to undertake EPC projects of overseas engineering such as coal-based power plants and chemical industrial facilities.

LUXI New Energy Equipment mainly produces vehicle-mounted LNG and CNG cylinders, low temperature liquid storage tanks and tankers, as well as the design, manufacture and installment of gas stations, skid-mounted stations, liquidation stations, and storage and transport stations.

LUXI R&D established a state-level technical center and keeps long-term cooperation with lots of colleges, science research institutions, engineering companies and foreign enterprises. It acquires totally 550 patents, 165 of which are for invention. Luxi Chemical (Europe) Technology R&D GmbH was established in Germany in 2011 to be engaged in technology development & introduction and technical service.

LUXI Finance provides micro loans, financing, mortgage, private capital management and financial management in local region.


LUXI International Department :please find the details as below

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